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fraud expertise helps individuals and organisations understand fraud and scams, defend against threats, and recover fraud and scam losses

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Javloc employs experts in Banking Industry Fraud whose opinions have been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio 4 Moneybox, ITV and many other media outlets; 

Fraud and Scam:  defences, processes, recovery, liability


With decades of experience running the teams and technologies that defended against billions in fraud attack, Javloc offers a unique perspective on how the Banking Industry manages fraud defence and handles scams, what works well and what doesn’t. 
From the cutting edge technologies used to the power of human ingenuity. Javloc  offers unique insights and knowledge in:  

Scam Refunds. Fraud Refunds. Loss Recovery.  Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud. Contingent Reimbursement Model (CRM).

Debit Cards. Credit Cards. Authorisations. Faster Payments. Online Banking. Telephone Banking. Cheques. CHAPS. Foreign payments. Cryptocurrency. ATM. Face/Voice/Device Biometrics. Artificial Intelligence. Models. Data Strategy. Disputes. Chargebacks. Regulations. Complaints. New Customer Onboarding. Current Accounts. Savings Accounts. Personal/Business. Know Your Customer. Customer Due Diligence. Anti-Money Laundering. Sanctions. PEPs.  

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Fraud loss recovery when all else has failed

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